KIDS PRAISE! 8 "Play Ball !" - Download

Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Psalty assembles a rag-tag baseball team from kids who failed to make the cut of the biggest, toughest, team around, “The Bulldogs.” The kids choose their team name: “The Psalters.” The Psalters find that, “With the Lord, you’re a winner even when you lose.” The standard is to choose to serve God and to do your very best. And, that, “Practice makes perfect.” Finally, the Psalters are victorious, but win or lose, they learn to measure themselves by God’s standard.

SONGS: Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Let's Go Try Out for Baseball), The Bulldog's Rap, God Makes Winners, Put Jesus in Your Everyday Life, Practice Makes Perfect, The Game, You're A Winner, O Lord, We Need You, Game Two, The Psalter's Rap, Our God is Awesome and Mighty

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