Kids Praise! 8

Well, the Lord is surely with us, we have courage now to spare!
With bases loaded, Marty hits a fly ball in the air!
The ball just keeps on going past the bleachers, past the trees!
IT must’ve caught a south wind, ‘cause this home run’s a breeze!

Back in the game! What a hit! And it’s four to zero now!
Back in the game! Yeah!
We’ve got the punch, the pow!
Back in the game!
Back in the game!
Back in the game!

ANNOUNCER: That’s it for the 7th inning. Psalters lead it 6 to 4. This is some turn around. It’s a puzzle as to how these kids have improved so fast. Now up to bat for the Bulldogs, Burner the Burner. Two men on base, a man on second, and a man on third. It’s a bouncer up the right field line. Hattie Smith having a little trouble fielding this one. Looks like a double…it is! And that’s two runs in for the Bulldogs.

It’s the bottom of the 9th with the Psalters up at bat. The score is tied,
Here comes the pitch! It knocks the catcher flat!
In all of the confusion Billy runs and steals home plate!
The Psalters win the game! Hooray! The feelings really great!

We won the game! Yahoo! We can’t believe our eyes!
We won the game! Praise the Lord! Much to our surprise!
We won the game! We won the game! We won the game!
We won the game! We won the game! We won the game!

Words and Music by Ernie Rettino
©1989 Rettino Kerner Publishing– www.psalty.com
All right reserved. International copyright secured.