PSALTY'S SONGS for L'il PRAISERS - VOL 1 "God Loves Me So-o Much!"

Psalty and the Kids are in the Worship Workshop getting acquainted with Psalty's new inventions -"The Nose-It-All", "The Songmobile" and "The Imagination Circle" discovering how much God loves us. DVD includes downloadable coloring pages.
SONGS: I'm a Li'l Praiser, This Little Light of Mine, Give Me Oil in My Lamp, God Is So Good, Say to the Lord I Love You, Doodle Oodle, Jesus Loves Me


PSALTY'S SONGS for L'il PRAISERS - VOL 2 "Follow the Leader Jesus!"

Using his various zany inventions and puppets like Buford Bugle Lamp, The Concertina Twins and Bertha Bureau, Psalty presents the concept of making the choice to follow Jesus. New and familiar songs combine with simple hop-a-long movement to allow your li'l praisers to join right in at home or at church.
SONGS: I'm a Li'l Praiser Theme, The Wiseman Built His House Upon a Rock, Follow the Leader, Don't Play Hide & Seek, Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See, Amen Praise the Lord, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

PSALTY'S SONGS for L'il PRAISERS - VOL 3 "Jumpin' Up Joy of the Lord!"

In Psalty's Worship Workshop, the Kids hop on Psalty's amazing invention, the flying Musi-quizical Quilt, singing their way around the country side, then pound out perfect praise on the Purple-Pipe Praise Organ learning about the true joy of the Lord!
 SONGS: I'm a Li'l Praiser Theme, Hallelu Hallelujah, Sometimes I'm Up, I Love the Lord, Oh How He Loves You and Me, Do Lord, The B.I.B.L.E.

KIDS' PRAISE! 4 "Singsational Servants!"

 In this Grammy Nominated, live action DVD, Charity Churchmouse is on her way to California to become a Gospel singing star. She learns the powerful life-changing lesson that to be a star in God's kingdom you must first learn to be a servant of the Lord. SONGS: We're Singing Praises!, Servant of All, Take All of Me, Draw Me Nearer, Beautiful, Beethoven's New 9th, The Recipe Song, Charity's Dream, Make Me a Servant, Jesus Put the Song in My Heart This DVD was filmed with real kids! This is not a cartoon.

KIDS' PRAISE! 5 "Psalty's Camping Adventure"

While climbing up the mountain, Psalty and the Kids learn biblical problem solving principles. Handicapped Farley McFirefly teaches them that "with the Lord you're more than able to deal with life's situations". SONGS: We're Going Camping Now, Blooper's Howl-lelujah Chorus, The Bible Alphabet Song, One Step at a Time, God Is Great, Do My Best, On a Starry Night, Farley McFirefly's Glow Show, Cares Chorus, All Through the Day This DVD was filmed with real kids! This is not a cartoon.