Kids Praise! 8

It’s our first game with the Bulldogs, The first game of the year;
Bleachers filled with loyal parents, Who’ll encourage us with cheers.
We’re wearing our new uniforms with blue stripes down the seam,
Psalty’s coached us and we’re confident to beat the other team!

We’re in the game! It’s great! And we’re really having fun!
We’re in the game! Smell the grass and feel the sun!
We’re in the game! We’re in the game! We’re in the game!

WALLY: We’re going to do great!
BILLY: Yeah, we’re cool!
HANNAH: We’re tough!
BULLDOGS: New uniforms?
ANNOUNCER: And now, taking the field, the Bulldogs!
BOBBY: imps, we’re gonna chew you up… and spit you out!

D-d-did you see all those Bulldogs?
Yeah, they’re big and strong and mean!
I think we oughta quit right now.
Let’s face it we’ll get creamed!
The ump just yelled out, “Play Ball!”
Psalty pat us on the back,
“Go get ‘em team! Have fun! Get tough!
Don’t cut ‘em any slack!


It’s only the third inning! Score is twenty-nine to zip!
Our hopes are going down the drain! Our confidence has slipped!
Psalty gives us one more pep talk and we’re ready now to fight!
Yeah! We’ll show those bully bulldogs! Yeah!
We’ll play with all our might!


Announcer: The Psalters are really taking a beating! It’s a high fly ball into left center field. That ends the inning. Big Bobby Burns stepping up to the plate. Bases loaded. Here comes the pitch! He pops another one into the stands! It’s a grand slammer! That makes 49-0. This crowd is going wild! I’ve never seen such a shutout, these Psaletrs are really getting creamed!

Lotta innings passed…We’re losin’!
Getting’ struck out: one, two, three!
You’d think they’d let us hit one once to spare our dignity!
It’s the bottom of the 9t! One more pitch…You’re out! We lost!
We practiced ‘til we dropped! To lose? Oh.
It wasn’t worth the cost!

We lost the game, Oh no.
I can’t believe my eyes!
We lost the game! Oh.
I think I’m gonna cry!
We lost the game.
We lost the game.
We lost the game.

We lost the game.
We lost the game.
We lost the game.

Words and Music by Ernie Rettino
©1989 Rettino Kerner Publishing– www.psalty.com
All right reserved. International copyright secured.