KIDS PRAISE! 7 "Psalty's Hymnological Adventure Through Time" - Download

Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Hop on the “Multi-phasic Take Your Time Machine” and go back through the ages to the dedication of Solomon’s temple, meet David as a young boy, and hear John Newton introduce “Amazing Grace.” Discover Charles Wesley writing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” and meet Fanny Crosby, who wrote over 1,000 hymns. Psalty even meets himself as a young booklet and sings, “Take My Life and Let it Be Consecrated Lord, to Thee!” Timeless hymns are introduced so kids easily learn them and can praise God from their hearts with the songs of our Christian heritage.

SONGS: The Music of God's Family, The Magnificent Multi-Phasic Take-Your-Time Machine, Heenay-Ma-Tov (Psalm 133), He Is Good (Dedication of Solomon's Temple), Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Amazing Grace, Spiritual Medley, Fanny Crosby Medley, Take My Life and Let It Be, The Doxology

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