Kids Praise! 7

Verse 1
It seems I’m always running out of precious valuable time.
And when I knew we’d be late with our project,
Well frankly, blow the deadline,
My wheels upstairs started turning,
My imagination started to spin.
I’ve got to invent an invention
To get us out of the mess that we’re in.

So, I pondered and puzzled
And saw in my mind
Something that I’ve never seen.
It was colorful, angular, diff’rent, with movement.
A real clean machine!

There were clocks of all shapes and sizes:
Grandfathers, cuckoos, alarms.
Digital watches and sundials,
And calendars long as your arm!
It was then that I first came to realize
That my vision was not a dream:
I’d invented the Magnificent Multi-phasic Take-Your-Time Machine!

The Magnificent Multi-phasic Take-Your-Time Machine,
Will stretch each valuable moment
When your time is running lean.
If ever you’re in a jam for time don’t pull your hair and scream:
Just use the Magnificent Multi-phasic Take-Your-Time Machine!

Verse 2
Now consider the possibilities when you’re late for work or school.
Or late for a date or behind in your chores and the consequences are cruel.

It’s then that you need a machine like this to give you that extra hour.
You need more time to put groceries away to make sure the milk doesn’t sour.

If you’re fixin’ your bike and the sun’s goin’ down,
Or losin’ your boat with the tide.
When you’re playin’ a game with the kids in the yard,
And there’s no time to seek, only hide.
Can you see how handy a contraption would be
That could give you the time that you need?
When the bell rings at school you could crawl like a snail,
There’d really be no cause to speed,

And that is why I stayed up all night to perfect the vision I’d seen,
To invent the Magnificent Multi-phasic Take-Your-Time Machine!


Words & Music Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino
© 1988 Rettino/Kerner Publishing. –
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.