Psalty's Funtastic Praise Party!

Vs 1 On a starry night we sing His praises,
Sing his praises loud and strong.
Sittin’ round the campfire as it blazes,
Won’t you come and sing along?

Vs 2 Listen to the crickets sing His praises,
Sing His praises all night long.
Squeakin’ out a tune with lilting phrases,
We’ll join in their happy song.

My Father made the universe and
Everything it holds. And every day
Before my eyes, His handiwork unfolds.

V3 See the little firefly, oh so small,
And yet he’s lighting up the night.
We can learn a lesson from him
As he’s praising God with all his might.
La, la, what a wonderful feeling,
Ooh, sing tr-la-la songs.
Oh, oh, with the sky as my ceiling,
Makes you feel like you belong.

Repeat vs 1: repeat vs 1; chorus; vs 1

Tag Won’t you come and sing along?
Won’t you come and sing along?

Words and Music by KELLY WILLARD, ERNIE RETTINO, and DEBBIE KERNER RETTINO.© 1985 & Arr © 1986 Willing Heart Music. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission.