The Big Adventures of Little Psalty

Spoken: Look at all this candy!!

This is like a miracle, all this candy’s free!
I pushed a button, got a Snickers and some Jujubees,
Juicy Fruits and Tootsie Rolls and gobs of Goobers, too.
They’re comin’ at me by the pound,
It’s getting hard to chew.

Oh, candy, Oh I love candy.
I know my mom said no,
But there’s a Hershey’s on my toe,
And so I’ll eat, because I need it?
Abazabas, Musketeers,
Mars Bars comin’ out my ears!

Oh, candy, Oh I love candy,
Sugar Daddies, Peppermint Patties,
Reese’s Pieces, Nerds and Sweet Tarts, too! Oo –oo.

It didn’t cost a penny, I just pushed a button –zap!
And now I’ve got a hundred pounds of candy in my lap,
Luscious, juicy candy that makes my mouthy drool,
I can’t wait ‘til Monday comes to tell the kids at school


I’ve eaten so much candy, I think I’m getting sick,
And here comes Mama, What’ll I do? I’ll hide the candy, quick!
Too late, she saw me do it, I’ll really get it now,
My tummy doesn’t feel so good, I think I’d b’er sit down

Oh, candy, I’m sick of candy,
I should’ve listened to my mom
Instead of eating all those Bon Bons,
Candy, please, no more candy, yuk!
Syrupy and thick and now I’m really getting sick,
Oh, candy, so much candy,
M & M’s and Nestle’s Crunch,
I think I’m gonna loose my lunch

I need a cool towel for my head
I wish I were at home in bed. Oo, oo, oo.

Words & Music by Debby Kerner Rettino
©1990 Rettino/ Kerner Publishing –www.psalty.com
International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.