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This is Psalty as a "booklet" and as a learner. In 4 vignettes we'll learn about when Psalty was the Book Bindery - and meet his parents: Manual and Diary - along with other members of his book family. We'll meet Psalty in Sunday School, asleep at his dreaming of dinosaurs during a lesson on spiritual armor! We'll see Little Psalty struggle with patience and obedience when a candy machine shoots tons of candy at his feet. And, we'll also take a peek at Psalty in his grandpa, PopUp's workshop, making new inventions together. Simple and powerful biblical truths in stories for our own little ones.

OPENING SONG: Little Psalty's Theme Song STORY 1: At The Book Bindery: Special Delivery SONGS: Dear Diary, The Baby Dedication Song STORY 2: The Have-All-You-Want Candy Machine SONGS: I Love Candy, Patience STORY 3: Dinosaur Danger - In School?! SONGS: You've Got to Put Your Armor On, It's All in the Book STORY 4: Typhoon Marooned SONGS: PopUp & Me, Jesus Is My Rock - Little Psalty's Theme Song Reprise

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