1. PIG OUT!


Kids Praise! 6

Verse 1 (Harmony)
Lokk at all this luscious food, I am really in the mood
For spaghetti, ravioli, mostaciolli, artichokes,
But this plate is much too small, I need room to eat it all,
So I’ll drink up all the punch and use the bowl to eat my lunch.

Verse 2 (Harmony)
Make a sandwich to the ceiling, Watch me do it now with feeling.
Goop some mustard and some custard on the mondo loaf of bread.
Lettuce, turkey, pickles, cheese, scarf the whole thing down with ease.
Pat my belly. Eat some jelly. Don’t forget the chip and dip.

Why should I think about the world?
I’m deliriously happy looking out for Number One.
Why should I think about the world?
I would really rather not hear it.
You are spoiling all my fun.

Verse 3 (Psalty)
Oh, my child, you’re in a stew if you’re thinking only of you
There’s a room here filled with people who are also hungry too!
(Harmony) That’s their problem. I was here first.
And my hunger’s getting much worse.
As we dally while we rally, I could eat another course!

CHORUS 2 (Psalty)
Why only think about yourself
When there are people who are hungry,
Not only here but ‘round the world?
I didn’t bring you up like this.
You must be caring, loving and sharing.
Your little heart has gone amiss. Oh.

Verse 4 (Harmony)
Now, it’s time to have dessert, A la mode until I hurt,
Apple, peach and berry pie ‘til I’m on a sugar high.
Lot’s of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, Almost time to dental floss,
But there’s room before I stop to eat the cherry on the top!

CHORUS 1 & 2 (Simultaneously)

Verse 5 (Harmony)
I like it here, so nice and homey,
Slice myself some more baloney.
I’ll relax and put my feet up as I’m sipping a cup of tea.
I like to be pampered, never hampered, by an endless tale of woes
You might all think that I am selfish,
Well, my friends, that how it goes!

Wonderful me!
Wonderful she!
Wonderful Me/ She (together)
Wonderful Me/ She (together)

Words and Music by Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Rettino
©1987 Rettino Kerner Publishing– www.psalty.com
All right reserved. International copyright secured.