KIDS PRAISE! 6 "Heart To Change The World" - Download

Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Psalty and the Booklets host an international potluck where Psalty reveals his latest invention. The “Psaltyscope” shows people with real needs and missionaries serving in different countries. Booklet, Harmony, wants to pig-out at the potluck and not invite anybody else to share the food! She is stunned to find the Psaltyscope shows that Harmony is in need – in need of a transformed heart. The kids discover God can give them hearts to change the world and that He can use them anywhere, even next-door or in their own homes. They find the world is much bigger than their familiar neighborhoods and that God’s love extends to everyone. Song highlights are “John 3:16,” “This Little Light of Mine,” and “Heart to Change the World. Adults write us they became missionaries because they heard this album when they children.

SONGS: Into The Workshop, John 3:16, I Want To Know, Pig Out, Child of the King, Be Thankful, My Hands are the Hands That God Will Use, This Little Light of Mine, Heart to Change the World, Into My Heart

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