MOST POPULAR: "PSALTY'S KIDS' PRAISE! SPECIAL! Sale Price $99.99 minus an EXTRA 25% = $75 ($143.88 list)

"THE KITCHEN SINK DEAL!" —A banquet of fun that delivers on a level kids can hear, understand and embrace.   Sale Price $198 -25%= $148.50 (Value $330)

PSALTY'S SONGS for Li'L PRAISERS —Ideal for toddlers, Li'l Kids & even Babies. Live-action- gets your kids singing and dancing along! Sale Price $34.99 -25%= $26.25 (Value $57)

PSALTY'S SLEEPYTIME HELPERS© —are a BEST SELLER! Winding kids down with story & song & dreamy theme song ending in a gentle Z-z-z-z-z. Sale Price $44.99 -25% = $33.74 (Value $69.93)

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