Psalty's Search for the Missing 9

Verse 1
I’ve tricked the blue songbook one more time,
The mouse and the kidlets, too!
They fell for my phony earthquake routine.
Wouldn’t they be surprised if they knew,
That I Risky rat set the whole thing up.
‘Twas a cinch with my sound effects rumbles!
And an old movie set of an ancient city.
With a push and a pull it all crumbles, uh!

I’m Risky Rat:
Clever, conniving, a spiritual gangster.
I’m Risky rat: a trickster, a charmer, a conman, a prankster!
I’m Risky rat! And that’s that!
Spoken: I’m so bad!

Verse 2
I have so many tricks up my little old sleeve.
This next one is one of my best. (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)
A great phony map and a little fake breeze,
Then let nature take care of the rest.
I’ll pose as a guide of pyramid tours,
With a few souvenirs to entice!
It works every time on songbooks and kids,
And especially on self-centered mice…oh, please!

Spoken: Want to be in my next prank? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Verse 3
Oh look! Here they come, so angelic, so sweet!
It makes me so sick I could heave! Blah!
But my fn’s just beginning,
And theirs is soon ending,
And it’s oh, such a thrill to deceive!
How do I look? Am I chic? What a pun! I’m so smart!
How I love to dress up in disguise.
I’m authentically wicked,
And oh, such a master at pulling wool over their eyes


Words and Music by Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Rettino
©1991 Rettino Kerner Publishing– www.psalty.com
All right reserved. International copyright secured.