SOLOMON THE SUPERSONIC SALAMANDER "Choosing Good Friends" - Download Only

Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Based on the Book of Proverbs. Solomon discovers his supersonic power that shows up when someone needs help. Solomon realizes the value of Proverbs to choose good friends like Max Magpie, Slidekick Snail, & Mrs. Beaverton, AND to see through the sneaky little bad bug, Bo Evil. Rick Muchow, plays both Solomon the Supersonic Salamander and Bo Evil. Ernie Rettino plays Max Magpie, Erin Rettino plays Slidekick, and the late, great Cheri Kimball plays Mrs. Beaverton. This delightful series teaches solid biblical tools for successful living.

SONGS: Solomon's Theme Song, I'm Your Slide Kick, Wisdom, I'm A Little Bad Bug, Friends Work Together, Even A Child, God Is a Friend, You Can Be Smart or Be Dumb, Do The Right Thing, Solomon's Theme Reprise, Mrs. Beaverton's Country Fair, My Life Will Worsip You, Solomon The Supersonic Salamander Tag SCENES: 1-Rescued, 2-Max Has a Book, 3-Bo Evil Overhears, 4-Mrs. Beaverton Saws, 5-Working Together, 6-Solomon Is Lonely, 7-Bo vil Is Directing, 8-Solomon Gets Wise, 9-Slidekick In he Salt Pit, 10-Stop, BoEvil!, 11-Solomon Lives For The Lord, Epilogue- Choose Your Friends Wisely

The Solomon Wisdom Series has several characters representing various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. All the characters are approved by civic groups and religious congregations that represent the ethnic backgrounds of the characters in the series. All characters are portrayed positively and in a spirit of equality. We hope kids from all backgrounds will enjoy the unique qualities of each character and discover the treasure for their lives in the Book of Proverbs.

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