Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Charity Churchmouse is featured as Psalty and the kids are raising money to go to France on a musical mission trip. However, funds are slow coming in and they might have to cancel their plans. Enter Risky Rat disguised as French financier, “Pierre Rat Le Mal!” He is out to trick Psalty and Charity in a scheme to control all of the songs in Psalty’s songbook. He even tries to trick Charity Churchmouse into marrying him! We believe in a God who does miracles and we trust Him for His timing. The kids learn to stand with one another in tough times to help strengthen their faith. Most of all, they learn that trying to do things in their own strength is not nearly enough. They need the power of the Holy Spirit to help them live God’s way.

SONGS: Pow Pow POWER To Live God's Way, Jump Up, God's In The Miracle Buisness, Frere Jacques Rock, Ma Cheri Charity, Shake It Out, Don't Be A Chicken Be Bold, I Will Stand With You, Fill Me Up, I Will Stand With You (bonus adult version)

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