Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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We're at Psalty's house for Christmas with Psaltina, Blooper, and Psalty's Booklets, Melody, Harmony & Rhythm singing Christmas carols, old & new, with the Kids Praise Kids. Everyone gets in the sleigh and goes over the meadow and through the woods to Charity Churchmouse's house. It's a true Family Christmas Singalong. Song highlights "I'm Gonna Wrap Up Myself For Christmas," and "Ring Around the World."

SONGS:"Family Singalong Christmas" "Bark' The Herald Angels Sing" "The Little Drummer Boy" "I'm Gonna Wrap Myself Up for Christmas" "Caroling Medley: Over the River and Through the Woods-Sleigh Ride-Caroling Caroling-Ring Around the World" "Go Tell It On the Mountain" "The Twelve Days of Christmas" "Twinkle Medley: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-Far Away-O Holy Night" "Joy to the World Medley: Joy to the World-O Come All Ye Faithful-Some Children See Him-O Come All Ye Faithful Reprise"

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