KIDS PRAISE! 5 "Psalty's Camping Adventure" - Download

Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Psalty, with his dog, Blooper, take the kids on a camping adventure. They hike up a big mountain and get discouraged when they feel hot, tired, and overwhelmed. Psalty explains, “You don’t climb a mountain in one giant leap, you climb it one step at a time.” As the kids trust Jesus for strength, they discover they can do lots more than they ever thought. They are jubilant when they make it to the top of the mountain! But as darkness falls, two children get lost and they sing, “I cast all my cares upon You.” The handicapped Farley McFirefly, who is “More than Able,” glows and gives the glory all to God as he lights the way and helps find the missing kids. Great for problem-solving skills, teaching perseverance and dependence on God, with lots of Bible verses in the catchy music.

SONGS: We're Going Camping Now, Blooper's Howl-lelujah Chorus, The Bible Alphabet Song, One Step At A Time, God Is Great, Do My Best, On A Starry Night, Farley McFirefly's Glow Show, Cares Chorus, All Through The Day,

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