KIDS PRAISE! 4 "Singsational Servants!" - Download

Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

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Charity Churchmouse is very full of herself and on her way to become a "gospel singing star." She stops to visit her friend, Psalty, and meets the kids rehearsing in the church attic. There, Charity discovers to be a star in God's kingdom she needs to have servant’s heart. BUT, she is still tempted when trickster, Risky Rat, offers her a contrap - yes contrap! The Churchmouse Choir foils Risky's plan when they rescue Charity in the nick of time. Psalty and the kids join in this fun story showing Charity’s heart-change from being selfish to loving God and others. Includes the classic song, “Make me a Servant.”

SONGS: We're Singing Praises, Servant of All, Take All of Me, Draw Me Nearer, Beautiful, Beethoven's New 9th, Recipe Song, Charity's Dream, Make Me a Servant, Jesus Put The Song In My Heart

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