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Meet Psalty and All His Pals

He's a songbook...not just any songbook, he's a KIDS songbook. He travels all around the world telling kids about how much God loves them!

Mostly that he loves Jesus with all his heart, but also because he likes to sing and dance and have fun learning about the Lord. And when you're around him you just want to praise the Lord with him!

Since 1980

The yellow book is Psalty's beautiful wife,PSALTINA. She's a book of poetry. Together they have 3 booklets: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.


she's pink and loves to sing the melody...la la la,


she's green and loves to sing the harmony part...and also loves to be the center of attention.


is orange and loves to play the drums and go skateboarding...though not at the same time


They all live together in a little house in Happyville. Psalty also has a worship workshop there. In the winter he goes to his Winter Worship Workshop in the mountains. Kids come from miles around to help Psalty & his family decorate the workshop.


is one of their best friends.Charity is a gospel singing star who learned the lesson that in order to be a star in God's Kingdom you must first learn to be a servant of all.


became their friend when he lighted their way during a nighttime camping adventure. Farley is handicapped. He only has one wing, but he can glow...and when he glows he gives the glory all to God. "I'm not disabled...With the Lord I'm more than able!"


is Psalty's dog. He has perfect pitch and likes to sing the "Howl-lelujah Chorus". But being a "regular" dog, he's always getting into trouble, mostly digging holes in Psaltina's rose garden.


knows all about Proverbs. He has a special gift. When he needs to help someone in trouble he becomes supersonic!